Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Volunteering for the Elderly

This school year Laanila students have been visiting the senior citizens of Metsolan Hovi across the street every Friday afternoon. The youth and the elederly have enjoyed getting to know each other by playing cards and games, playing the piano, singing Christmas Carols, doing puzzles etc.

One of the highlights of the course has been the interviewing of the elderly of their life to a special friendship book that was given to each senior citizen as a gift from Laanila High School. Many interesting and fascinating stories were shared of their childhood and younger years from the 1940's onwards when the world was very different from today's modern world. We heard stories, among other things, of the Olympic skating medalist Toivo Salonen's fascinating career, school teacher Aili's interesting teaching experiences and several senior artists' love and devotion for their sculpting, painting, printing and jewellery design.

Another highlight in the spring was the Prom Dances that two Laanila couples presented for the elderly in their full evening dresses and costumes. The seniors say that music, singing and dancing is their favorite activity and it was such a pleasure to have these bold and beautiful young ladies and gentlemen coming to dance for them. Hopefully, this precious tradition will continue next year, too!

The seniors of Metsolan Hovi expressed their gratitude to Laanila volunteers by hugging and thanking them with tears in their eyes. The volunteers on their part said their farewells to the seniors only temporarily. Next fall we are hoping to continue the course with both old and new students and are already waiting for the happy reunion in August 2018.

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