Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Charity at Laanila High School on UN World Day of Social Justice

The Unesco Club of Laanila High School arranged a Charity Event on UN World Day of Social Justice on 20th February 2019. All the funds collected during the day were donated to disadvantaged families with children through HOPE ry.

During the day Laanila students participated in the following:

a) pastry selling
b) lottery
c) clothes and home appliances donation

Ms Kerttu Hannila, the representative for HOPE ry visited school and told students about the important work HOPE ry does in Finland.

Sunday, 17 February 2019

Meeting in Oulu, Finland, 11th - 15th February 2019.

Such a great week full of action. 

Started with ice fishing at the winter village. 

And our very own "Eurovision song contest" and "Macarena" at the City Hall. 

Visited Santa, Arktikum and Kemi Snow Castle. 

Enjoyed special guests and student videos at our very own Equality Day at Laanila.

Were impressed by the Abi students' imaginative costumes and funny shows. 

Wild action on the very last day with skating, prom dances and ice swimming! đŸ˜đŸ‘

As well as with international Farewell Show with singing, dancing, playing guitar / ukulele, quizes, henna tattoos and air guitars.

Erasmus+: Connecting People & Creating Friendships đŸ‡ŞđŸ‡ş❤️

Thank you all! 
Diolch! đŸ´ó §ó ˘ó ˇó Źó łó żđŸ´ó §ó ˘ó ˇó Źó łó żđŸ´ó §ó ˘ó ˇó Źó łó ż
Grazie! đŸ‡ŽđŸ‡šđŸ‡ŽđŸ‡šđŸ‡ŽđŸ‡š
Gracias! đŸ‡ŞđŸ‡¸đŸ‡ŞđŸ‡¸đŸ‡ŞđŸ‡¸
Obrigada! đŸ‡ľđŸ‡šđŸ‡ľđŸ‡šđŸ‡ľđŸ‡š
Merci! đŸ‡ˇđŸ‡ŞđŸ‡ˇđŸ‡ŞđŸ‡ˇđŸ‡Ş
Tack! Kiitos! đŸ‡ŤđŸ‡ŽđŸ‡ŤđŸ‡ŽđŸ‡ŤđŸ‡Ž