Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Team Laanila getting excited about our next Erasmus+ meeting in Wales

Students: Veera Anttonen, Kyla Castro, Elina Tervola & Joanna Ylitapio (missing from the picture)
Teachers: Tiina Fredriksson, Nina Salmela & Jaana Kuikka

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Human Rights Drama Workshops at Laanila

Johanna Lampinen MA (Education) and human rights expert from Oulu University visited Laanila's English lessons together with her group of Intercultural Teacher Training students in April 2018. Laanila students had an opportunity to empathize the different realities of life in English speaking drama workshops in which everyone was given his/her role in a situation in which cultural differences baffled and human rights were put to a tough test.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Jaara & Siina will represent Laanila at Nordic Youth Conference

The Nordic Youth Conference is an annual event for 50 youth activists from Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, and the Faroe Islands. It’s four days filled with human rights activism and fun. The Nordic Youth Conference 2018 will be in Copenhagen, Denmark and it takes place on 30 July - 3 August 2018. The conference language is English.

Young people must know what human rights are, and how to claim them. Jaara & Siina will go to the Nordic Youth Conference, meet exciting people who challenge authorities and learn how they themselves can challenge those in power. They will meet extraordinary young people from all the Nordic countries during a week full of interesting lectures and workshops. At the end of the week they will take part in a public action!
By participating in the conference, they will become part of and help build Amnesty’s youth community. They will learn about Amnesty’s campaigns, they’ll meet brave human rights defenders and they will contribute to the conference through skill shares and workshops. 

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Volunteering for the Elderly

This school year Laanila students have been visiting the senior citizens of Metsolan Hovi across the street every Friday afternoon. The youth and the elederly have enjoyed getting to know each other by playing cards and games, playing the piano, singing Christmas Carols, doing puzzles etc.

One of the highlights of the course has been the interviewing of the elderly of their life to a special friendship book that was given to each senior citizen as a gift from Laanila High School. Many interesting and fascinating stories were shared of their childhood and younger years from the 1940's onwards when the world was very different from today's modern world. We heard stories, among other things, of the Olympic skating medalist Toivo Salonen's fascinating career, school teacher Aili's interesting teaching experiences and several senior artists' love and devotion for their sculpting, painting, printing and jewellery design.

Another highlight in the spring was the Prom Dances that two Laanila couples presented for the elderly in their full evening dresses and costumes. The seniors say that music, singing and dancing is their favorite activity and it was such a pleasure to have these bold and beautiful young ladies and gentlemen coming to dance for them. Hopefully, this precious tradition will continue next year, too!

The seniors of Metsolan Hovi expressed their gratitude to Laanila volunteers by hugging and thanking them with tears in their eyes. The volunteers on their part said their farewells to the seniors only temporarily. Next fall we are hoping to continue the course with both old and new students and are already waiting for the happy reunion in August 2018.

Thursday, 26 April 2018

Erasmus+ Visit to Reunion 13th – 21st April 2018

The Program

Sat 14/04

Arrival and transfer to the accommodation. Afternoon visit to St Leu to see the Tamil New Year celebrations.

 Sun 15/04

Visit to Piton de la Fournaise Volcano and Cité du Volcan interactive volcano.

Welcome dinner in evening.

Monday 16/04

Welcome speech. Students from vocational section welcomed participants and handed out badges and conference materials created in class. They made introductions to Réunion - the island characteristics & diversity of the Reunionese population.

Students from the general section focused on volunteering in Reunion: shared their experience and impact on their outlook.

Afternoon tour of St Leu - slave history and revolt visiting key buildings in the history of the area. Initially colonised by the Portuguese then the French then British then back to French. Initially slaves were brought over from Madagascar and other African countries for coffee plantations but later they grew sugar cane as it was better adapted to the weather (cyclones). Photography exhibition – diversity if Reunionese people.

Evening boat trip along the coast to see the dolphins.

Tuesday 17/04

Chancégal/Cinétoil’ égalité conference with participating students.

Gender equality - students were part of a cinema club that showed films on gender equality in different situations. Given opportunity to take part in national debate competition on gender equality. Some students made a magazine as part of a social sciences project where they chose to focus on gender equality. 2hrs a week over a year. Mocked up photographs rather than take it from the web. Survey of chores split by gender. Some chose to do speeches on women’s rights as part of the French Baccalaureate.

Domestic/gender violence - tools used to introduce the domestic violence issue to students all come from Canada. Give students scripts to enact domestic violence issues followed by a class discussion/dissemination. Can make it a dynamic forum theatre and invite other people up to change the situation/react so that the issue is resolved. Strategies for tackling issues of jealously in relationships - list terms associated with jealousy versus love. Jealousy has negative connotations whereas love is positive. Clearly jealousy not linked with love.

Le Center Régional information Jeunesse (CRIJ) Réunion- association born in 1990. Mission is to inform all young people about all subjects. Main programme is a European voluntary service. Open to 17-30 year olds - any European countries and other partner countries. Can find an EVS mission via the database.

Wednesday 18/04

Focus on religious diversity: visit to a Tamil Temple in St Louis and a Mosque and Chinese Temple in St Pierre. Traditions have been somewhat adapted on Reunion due to the distance from traditional centres and dilution over the generations. Women have more access to areas of the mosque and many Chinese are dual religion – engaging with both Christian and Chinese religious celebrations.  Afternoon free – some braved the big waves of the Indian Ocean whilst others enjoyed the local craft market.

Thursday 19/04

Welcome breakfast by municipality at library/resource centre. Artistic diversity: Reunionese writers - conference with M. Hoarau. Tour of library facilities and introduction to Reunionese literature.

Concert/conference on Reunionese music by Zanmari Baré.  Everyone participated in the music workshop and making of traditional instruments.  All joined together to create Reunionese music and shared some traditional music of their own.

Friday 20/04

Diversity of landscapes - visit to the Sud Savage to see the lava flows and the power of nature attacking the coastal lava cliffs.  We stopped for a typically traditional lunch for the region in a rainforest restaurant where we admired the nature including chameleons, flowers and big mosquitos. A stop at a beautiful beach on the way back saw everyone caught out by a big wave and soaked!

Sat 21/04

Visit to local markets before returning home.