Monday, 13 February 2017

International School Day of Non-Violence and Peace at "Leading Lights Schools" in different parts of Europe

SPAIN: IES Juan Antonio Fernandez Perez
Día de La Paz - Peace day
With the motto: Peace begins with a smile, our High School has celebrated the School Day of 
Non-violence and Peace this 30th of January. In this video we can see a summary of all the activities 
that took place in our school

The students from Social Integration Vocational Higher Education Diploma have designed these paper 
boards with big doves drawn on them where all the students were able to write their peace wishes.
Students from Nursery and pre-school Education Higher Education Diploma created this photocall 
background withthe flags of our Erasmus countries and all sorts of funny accesories such as: hearts, 
doves,flowers, smiles.. Everyone in the high school could have a picture in front of this colourful and 
beautiful PHOTOCALL.

Also, the students from Social Integration Vocational Studies organised an activity with students with 
learning disabilities and intellectual handicaps.They filled a huge drawing of a tree with the shapes of 
their own painted hands. The Social Integration students also played a performance to expain them what 
the Day of Peace meant.

There also was a workshop of T-shirts painting with the Class of Immigrant Students with special 
educative needs.

PORTUGAL: Sá de Miranda celebrates the School Day of Non-violence and Peace
To call students’ attention to this special date, a poster was displayed in different strategic points of the building, and during the main morning break the school radio broadcast some information about this celebration, as well as a song against bullying practices, by a Portuguese rapper: 

All the teachers were invited to show two vídeos about bullying in their classes. These same vídeos, as well as the rap song were shown on the information screen in front of the main staircase.


Here is Svenska Privatskolan's video for the International School Day of Non-Violence and Peace. Music is performed by one of their students and her ukulele. Peace and Love!

"Be the change you want to see in the world"

Enjoying the International School Day of Non-Violence and Peace at Laanila on 31st January 2017!
May the dove of peace reach all our students, staff and friends and fill their hearts with compassion, hope and understanding.

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