Thursday, 1 September 2016

Our aim is to shine a spotlight on some of the many forms of discrimination that are increasingly casting a shadow across Europe and contributing to disparities in learning outcomes and life chances. It will have a focus on the refugee crisis in Europe giving participants authentic and unique first-hand experiences designed to gain a more balanced understanding of the issues involved as well as to invite empathy. The quality of teaching and learning in all schools involved will be improved through the sharing of innovative, creative and inclusive pedagogical approaches between the partner institutions and other relevant organizations. The ability of educational professionals' involved to embrace effectively the increasing diversity of their school populations will be enhanced.

"Leading Lights" will support all concerned, the younger generation and teaching staff to examine their own as well as different identities and cultures, and raise their awareness of the consequences of unconscious bias and prejudice. It will challenge them to become active global citizens and collaborate to shine a light on some difficult issues, bring them out into the open and together  seek and implement solutions. The project will create opportunities for all students concerned regardless of their ethnicity, religion, ability, gender, and sexual orientation. It will actively include those from refugee and migrant backgrounds.


  1. Thank you so much for doing this, Tiina! Wonderful to see the photos of the different schools. Is that your own very cool camper van or the school's?

  2. Isn't it so cool! Unfortunately, it's not mine. It's one of our teacher's. We, and the students too, like to call our school the school of love, and that's why I wanted to take a kind of a "peace & love" hippie style picture of it! ❤